SBC Workspace (2024)

SBC Workspace is a web application co-created by mission entities as a way to receive and store statistical and biographical data of North Carolina churches.

We offer free SBC Workspace training opportunities for association clerks. For more information on training or for assistance with the Annual Church Profile (ACP) or SBC Workspace, contactRussell Schwabfrom theInformation and Technology Services team.

View the 2023 Church ACP Training video.

In submitting your Annual Church Profile (ACP), you will only need to submit once in any given year. Complete the paper form and return it to your association, enter your data into the SBC Workspace, or enter your data into the Digital Form. Please check with your association to see which process works best for them.

If you are having a problem or need assistance, please contactRussell Schwab.

SBC Workspace (2024)
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