Annual Church Profile (2024)

The 2023 Annual Church Profile (ACP) is an important tool for your church, the state and national conventions. The data collected is used in many ways to measure the health of our congregations, and the effectiveness of the BRN and SBC ministries. Contact the BRN Help Desk if you have questions: or 1-800-451-6599.

The due date for your ACP is February 15, 2024.

You have a variety of ways to report, either online, through the mail, or by calling our office. See the instructions below.


  1. Each congregation, whether church or mission, should complete an ACP Statistical Profile.
  2. Gather the information from the leaders of your ministry areas.
  3. Go to form: BRN ACP Report
    • Fill out form.
    • When finished, click Submit.


  1. Each congregation, whether church or mission, should complete an ACP Statistical Profile.
  2. Gather the information from the leaders of your ministry areas.
  3. Go to the website:
    • Enter your username and password as follows:
      • Username:
      • Password:
      • Note: Usernames and passwords are printed on the survey forms included in your ACP packet. Passwords are case sensitive.
    • Click on Login.
    • The first box you see enter the contact person’s name. Click “Save Changes” regardless of whether you changed the name in the box or not.
    • Choose ACP Statistical Profile to complete this year’s survey.
    • When finished, Save, and mark survey Complete.


  1. Each congregation, whether church or mission, should complete an ACP Statistical Profile.
  2. Gather the information from the leaders of your ministry areas.
  3. PRINT CLEARLY using a ballpoint pen. Typing is not necessary.
  4. Please do not leave any space blank. Use a zero (“0”) to indicate none/no data.
  5. Make a final check.
    • Look over the ACP Statistical Profile and see that all blanks are filled in.
    • Check all totals and make certain the sum of all items is correct.
  6. Make a copy of the ACP Statistical Profile for yourself and the church office.
  7. Mail your ACP information to the address below before February 15, 2024

Address for mailing paper form:

Attn: BRN Help Desk
Baptist Resource Network
4620 Fritchey Street
Harrisburg, PA 17109-2813


Our Help Desk stands ready to help you file your report. Simply call Lori at 800-451-6599, ext. 0, and she will happily help you!

Annual Church Profile (2024)


What is an annual church profile? ›

The Annual Church Profile (ACP) is an annual statistical census of Southern Baptist congregations conducted cooperatively by local associations, state conventions and Lifeway Christian Resources. Around 7 in 10 Southern Baptist churches (69%) reported at least one item on the 2023 ACP.

What should be included in a church profile? ›

Include the church and pastor profiles, vision and mission statements of the church, doctrinal statement, a copy of the church budget, and the church constitution and bylaws. General information about the compensation package should also be included. this information can be secured from the local chamber of commerce.

What does becoming a member of a baptist church mean? ›

Church membership is a truly spiritual commitment rather than simply a surface-level relationship. Church membership entails a desire to deepen one's relationship with God by participating in a faith community and a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

What should be included in a church annual report? ›

There are four basic ways an annual report for a church can do this:
  • Accountability and transparency. ...
  • Showcasing the church's impact. ...
  • Celebrating achievements and milestones. ...
  • Encouraging stewardship and involvement. ...
  • Financial information. ...
  • Ministry highlights and accomplishments. ...
  • Membership and attendance statistics.

What should be included in a church staff bio? ›

What to Consider When Featuring Your Church Staff on Your Church Website
  • Tell Us Who They Are and What They Do. Start simply by giving the name and job title for each of your staff. ...
  • Give Basic Contact Information. Though a simple idea, the value here is huge! ...
  • Keep It Simple. ...
  • Go In Depth on Your Leaders.

What are the two requirements for membership in the Church? ›

Most churches require that individuals have a personal relationship with God and accept him as their savior before becoming a member. Once someone has taken that step, they can speak to the pastor or church leadership to start the membership process.

What are the three categories of membership in the Church? ›

It seems to be that there are three classes of “church members.” There are the Idle, the Faithful Consumers, and the Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Can you go to a Baptist church without being baptized? ›

Baptist pastors often “fence the Table,” restricting non-Christians, the unbaptized, and the infant baptized from the Table. They do not, however, require membership within their local assembly. This position is sometimes referred to as close communion.

What is a ministry profile? ›

What is a Ministry Profile? A ministry profile, like putting together pieces of a puzzle, combines the parts of your life to form a picture of how you can serve the Lord -- your spiritual gifts, personality, passions, experience, and walk with God.

What is the purpose of church annual meeting? ›

Churches plan annual meetings to reflect on events of the past year, to plan financially and programmatically for the year ahead, to elect leaders and to celebrate life together in community. The early church community made decisions about how to carry out its mission.

What is a ministry site profile? ›

The Ministry Site Profile form (MSP) provides congregations (single and multiple point parishes) and church-related organizations (schools, social ministry organizations, healthcare institutions, and agencies) a single, common form to use to describe their mission and their search for a rostered minister.

What is an annual review of pastor? ›

It is suggested that this process be done every year. In addition to completing the evaluation form, the annual pastoral evaluation process should include the setting of ministry goals for the next year and a review of progress on the ministry goals from the prior year. The pastor should establish 4-8 ministry goals.

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