How to play a Live game [for teachers] (2024)

In this guide we will show you how to play 99math's Live game as teacher. If you are new to 99math then we also have an introduction tutorial on how to get started with 99math.

What is a Live game?

Live game is a game mode where students play together in a classroom or in a video call. It's also our most engaging experience. If you can, start the game experience for you and your students with a Live game!

How to play a Live game?

You always need to have at least 3 players in the game to start the game.

The overall process of how to play a live game:

  1. Choose the grade level and skill.

  2. Click on Play LIVE.

  3. Share the game code to your students.

  4. Students join the game on their device with the game code.

  5. You (teacher) start the game.

  6. Students play the game with excitement.

  7. You control the game and start next rounds.

  8. Game ends and you as a teacher see game results.

  9. You get a game report to analyse how each student did and what was the overall class skill level.

Now that we understand the overall process, let's go more into details.

Inviting students to the game as a teacher

Once you have selected your topic you will reach the code screen.

99math doesn't require students to have their own accounts, so we use the game code concept. But we do encourage students to login to collect the rewards for playing 99math. Each game has it's own unique game code that gives access to students to the game that you created.

Easiest option to share the game code is also to show the code screen view to students either in a video call or in the classroom with a projector, since this screen displays all the info needed to join. If this is not possible you can simply write or tell the instructions out loud.

In the screenshot above you can see that the game code is 994 613 and that students need to go to to enter the game code.

How do students join the Live game?

Students use their device to go to in a browser and then enter the game code that you gave them. After that they are asked to enter a name. This can either be a nickname, their first name or how ever you will be able to recognise the student. And after that the student is in the game and ready to play.

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (2)

After successfully joining the game, students are shown the game information and told to wait for the game to start.

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (3)

And you as a teacher also see each student as they join the game

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (4)

Starting the game

Now once you have all your students joined and are ready to proceed then you can click "Play with class" which will lead to the game view.

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (5)

Here you (and the students if you are sharing your screen) will see the game in real time.

During and after each round teacher can see mistakes made.

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (6)

After the 2nd round teacher can see if the has Accuracy improved for the class.

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (7)

Teacher can also See students who made no mistakes or who made a lot of mistakes.

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (8)

What student sees during a round:

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (9)

And this how excited students are to practice math:

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (10)

After each round the round results are shown

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (11)

Teacher sees the High scores of 5 players.

After the game

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (12)

Once the game finishes, you as a teacher see the Podium and you can celebrate the results together with the class. This screen will show you the top 5 players in the game. Also the Most Improved and Best accuracy. You can also analyse the mistakes of the entire class. The mistakes are anonymous, so it's great to review them together.

Students see their own point total.

Game report

After the game, teacher also gets access to the report (and the access is only for the teacher who created the game).

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (13)

Report shows you how each student did in the game. What is their skill level in the topic and what mistakes they made in the specific game. Also you get a skill level score for the entire class.

Now you are ready to practice regularly

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (14)

We have seen an average of 50% increase in students skill level in just 2 weeks. The games are designed to be engaging for children on any level in math, because playing with friends makes practicing math more fun! Leaderboards, badges and other gamification elements are fine-tuned to get kids eager to advance.

Start a Live game here:

If you have any questions, ideas or problems feel free to reach out to us via email or through our Facebook page.

How to play a Live game [for teachers] (2024)
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