How Nurses Can Set SMART Goals - (2024)

How Nurses Can Set SMART Goals - (1)


Updated November 30, 2023

    Did you know 91% of people don't reach their New Year's goals? Dive into how SMART goals for nurses may increase your potential success.

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    • SMART is an acronym that stands for goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and happen within a specified time frame.
    • SMART goals create a structure that increases your potential to achieve your goal.
    • Nurses might consider writing professional SMART goals influenced by the market events of 2022 or the expected trends in 2023, such as an increased number of NP-led practices.

    Did you know that 91% of people who make New Year’s resolutions don’t achieve their goals? Research shows most people throw in the towel by January 19. But the 9% who are successful pursue their goal with relentless passion. In other words, they want it badly.

    The people who achieve their goals have another secret — they know what goals to set and how to structure them to increase the chances they succeed. They develop SMART goals.

    Find out why setting SMART goals for nurses can be an important strategy to lay the groundwork for professional development and tracking your progress.

    What Are SMART Goals?

    According to 1994-2015 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, and 65% fail by year 10. Your nursing career is a little like a small business. To advance your career, you must be intentional in managing your career.

    SMART is an acronym to help you remember each part of writing structured goals.

    1. 1It’s easier to track goals when they include specific objectives. For example, instead of a goal to become a nurse practitioner (NP), you might set a goal to submit your application to an NP program within six months.
    2. 2When goals are specific, they are also measurable — meaning you’ll know whether you’ve achieved it. For example, a goal to lose weight isn’t measurable. But, you can measure your goal if it is to lose five pounds in two months.
    3. 3Going back to the NP example, you would only expect to become an NP in six months if you were four months from graduation. Only write goals you can reasonably expect to achieve, or you may become so discouraged that you stop working toward your goals.
    4. 4Your goals should be meaningful and stretch you out of your comfort zone. They should also be achievable by improving your current habits. Setbacks can bring about action, but if your goals aren’t realistic, it won’t be easy to get and stay on track.
    5. 5To measure your goals, you must have a time limit to achieve them. Your time frame should be clear and give you enough time to accomplish your goal.

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    SMART Goals for Nurses: Where to Start

    You should also evaluate your progress during the time frame you set. Is the goal still achievable and realistic? Is the time frame too short or too long? This allows you to reset and start again without completely throwing in the towel.

    SMART goals for nurses may be personal or professional. In 2022, several events changed nursing and have impacted the profession. This may also impact your professional goals.

    For example, the nursing shortage contributed significantly to several events in 2022. These included the Minnesota nursing strike, care of COVID-19 patients, and the guilty verdict for Christiann Gainy that was blamed on short staffing.

    Consider including a goal to work with your local American Nurses Association chapter to advocate for wage increases, expand nursing education, and support nursing faculty. These actions can help increase the number of nurses entering the profession.

    The projected nursing trends for 2023 may also impact the professional goals you set. Addressing the nursing shortage will be a top priority in 2023, as well as the mental health needs of patients and nurses.

    Experts also estimate there will be a rising number of NP-led practices. These trends may contribute to your desire to improve your knowledge and work toward becoming an NP. It may also lead you to practice strategies to protect your mental health.

    Your personal experiences and desires often inform the personal and professional goals you set for your future. Your professional goals may include improving your clinical skills. For example, you might write a SMART goal addressing your assessment, time management, or leadership skills.

    Examples of SMART Goals for Nurses

    The best way to start setting professional goals is to analyze where you want your career to be in five years. Outline the steps to achieve that goal, and then write SMART goals to reach each one-year goal. It isn’t necessary to stick with the time frames when you’re developing the goals. This is the first step as you’re identifying your long-term objective.

    As you revisit your long-term goal regularly, you may discover it needs adjustment. If your initial long-term goal is to become a family nurse practitioner (FNP), you may discover that you prefer working with children and switch to becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner.

    Using the long-term goal example of becoming an FNP, you might write two short-term SMART goals in January 2023.

    By June 1, 2023, I will have researched online NP programs and submitted applications to four online nurse practitioner programs that offer FNP specialization.

    1. 1Submitting four applications to online NP programs with FNP specialization
    2. 2Submitting four online NP applications
    3. 3Writing four applications in five months
    4. 4Gathering the required documentation in five months
    5. 5Completing by June 1, 2023

    By July 1, 2023, I will have researched available public and private financial aid options for online NP programs and submitted at least six applications to help pay for the online FNP program.

    1. 1Researching financial aid programs; submitting at least six applications
    2. 2Submitting six applications
    3. 3Locating and applying to six financial aid options in six months
    4. 4Researching and applying to six financial aid options in six months
    5. 5Completing by July 1, 2023


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    How Nurses Can Set SMART Goals - (3)

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    How Nurses Can Set SMART Goals - (2024)


    How Nurses Can Set SMART Goals - ›

    1It's easier to track goals when they include specific objectives. For example, instead of a goal to become a nurse practitioner (NP), you might set a goal to submit your application to an NP program within six months. 2When goals are specific, they are also measurable — meaning you'll know whether you've achieved it.

    How can nurses set SMART goals? ›

    SMART is an acronym for the guidelines nurses should use when setting their goals:
    • Be specific. Setting broad nursing goals allows them to be open for interpretation. ...
    • Keep it measurable. For goals to be effective, there must be some way to measure your progress. ...
    • Keep it attainable. ...
    • Be realistic.
    Oct 4, 2023

    What is an example of a nursing SMART goal for patient? ›

    For example, if the patient has mobility issues, a SMART goal might be: "The patient will be able to walk 10 meters unassisted within two weeks." Implement Nursing Interventions: Once you've set your SMART goals, identify the nursing interventions needed to achieve these goals.

    What is SMART planning in nursing? ›

    June 21, 2022. The acronym SMART refers to the guidelines that nurses should use when setting goals in the work environment, academically, or even with personal goals. The following represents each letter – S – Specific; M – Measurable; A – Attainable; R – Relevant; T – Timely.

    What are the 5 rules for setting SMART goals? ›

    5 Rules for setting SMART goals
    • S = specific. Your goal should include details of what you want to accomplish.
    • M = measurable. You should be able to measure your progress and accurately determine whether you've accomplished your goal.
    • A = attainable. Your goals should challenge you. ...
    • R = realistic. ...
    • T = timely.

    What is a SMART goal example? ›

    Make sure the goal is relevant to your broader life or career ambitions. Finally, add a timeframe to create a sense of urgency. A well-crafted SMART goal might look like this: "I want to increase my LinkedIn network by 200 connections within the next three months."

    What is a SMART goal setting in healthcare? ›

    As it relates to health behavior change, goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. The SMART-EST goals are also evidence-based, strategic, and tailored to the patient.

    How do you teach SMART goal setting? ›

    On a white board or flip chart paper (something so that everyone can see) write SMART vertically so that each letter may be identified with what it stands for (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Results Focused, Timely and Trackable). One component at a time, remind youth what it means.

    What is an example of a SMART goal treatment plan? ›

    SMART Goal Template

    For example, "I will reduce my anxiety attacks to three times a week or less by using anxiety management techniques I learn in therapy when I'm feeling anxious. I will do this for the next month and track my progress in my journal.”

    What is an example of a goal in nursing? ›

    One of a nurse's primary goals is to provide quality care to their patients. Think about ways to optimize your current patient care tactics or practices. For example, you could advocate more for your patient's individualized needs.

    Why is it important for nurses to set goals? ›

    Setting goals is an essential part of that development for nurses. It helps to provide direction, motivation, and focus, resulting in personal growth and improved patient outcomes.

    What is goal setting in the nursing process? ›

    The purpose of goal setting in nursing is to: Provide direction for planning nursing interventions. Serve as criteria for evaluating patient progress. Enable the patient and nurse to determine when the problem has been resolved and. Help motivate the patient and the nurse by providing a sense of achievement.

    How do you plan to achieve your goals as a nurse? ›

    Professional goals for nurses
    1. Increase your technology skills. Nursing practices increasingly involve advanced technical devices and systems. ...
    2. Get certifications. ...
    3. Improve your efficiency. ...
    4. Further your communication skills. ...
    5. Find a mentor. ...
    6. Get an advanced degree. ...
    7. Become an expert at certain tasks. ...
    8. Optimize your patient care.

    What is an example of a SMART goal for health? ›

    S.M.A.R.T. Goal Examples: To help me add more physical activity to my daily routine, I will walk to my office from the Thompson parking lot at least three days per week starting tomorrow. To meet my goal of better nutrition, I will eat raw vegetables at lunch and cooked vegetables at dinner every day starting tonight.

    How do you set SMART goals with clients? ›

    1. Template for writing a S.M.A.R.T. Goal.
    2. Initial Goal (Write the goal you have in mind):
    3. Specific (What do you want to accomplish? ...
    4. Measurable (How can you measure progress and know if you've successfully met your goal?):
    5. Achievable (Do you have the skills required to achieve the goal?

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