How Krissy Cela Became One Of The World's Biggest Fitness Influencers - Gymfluencers (2024)

Krissy Cela: entrepreneur, influencer, author. She’s one of the UK’s No.1 fitness creators and founder of multiple millionaire businesses. This is her story.

I first came across Krissy listening to her bare all on Steven Bartlett’s popular podcast The Diary of a CEO back in 2020. Her raw honesty and defiance are just some of the qualities that have led to her incredible success running multi-millionaire companies. But how did she do it? Read on to find out.

Where is Krissy Cela From?

Krissy Cela was born on October 7th, 1994. She’s originally from Albania, and immigrated to the UK when she was just 4 years old. Krissy recalls sitting in the back of a banana lorry with her parents, not knowing what was to come or what her new life would be.

How Krissy Cela Became One Of The World's Biggest Fitness Influencers - Gymfluencers (1)

All About Krissy Cela Before Success

Growing up, she watched her mum work 3 jobs and her dad do nightly shifts as an HGV lorry driver. Their hard-working ethic was instilled into Krissy, and how she modelled her future career.

At school, she was bullied; bullied for being different, and for her appearance. Krissy was ambitious from a young age, driven and hardworking; she didn’t let the snide comments bring her down.

Before Krissy became an incredibly successful entrepreneur, she studied Law at university. 6 months later, she graduated and started her first business.

The Day Krissy Joined the Gym

Like many of us when we first join the gym, Krissy started her fitness journey with absolutely no knowledge. Speaking with Steven Bartlett, Krissy explains the gym was an outlet and a form of therapy to help her get life back on track.

How She Built Her Confidence, and Then an Empire with Krissy Cela | E57

But when she finally got that membership and walked into the gym, she knew something was off. The men were pumping iron, the women were sweating out calories on cardio. Her curiosity was drawn to the weights; it gave her a thrill, a gravitational pull. From then on, Krissy believed it was time for a switch-up.

Unlike today where social media is a plethora of information, Krissy didn’t have access to that luxury. So, step by step, she figured it out and documented her journey on Instagram.

Initially, her motive was to replay, check and correct form on exercises and give herself tips to improve; but to her surprise, people quickly discovered Krissy’s talent. From here, her potential skyrocketed.

How Krissy Cela’s Instagram Blew Up

Krissy took to social media like a fish takes to water. She was destined to influence. One of the reasons she’s so successful is because she is the same person on and off-screen; not a brand or a fake.

Her exercise videos, nutrition tips and life updates helped her build a community. A community which has racked up to 3 million Instagram followers. According to Hype Auditor, her engagement rate is over 4.5% and she usually gets over 30,000 likes on an average post. (And I’m happy with 50 likes…)

How Krissy Cela Became One Of The World's Biggest Fitness Influencers - Gymfluencers (2)

But for Krissy, the metrics and money don’t fuel her. She’s inspired by the women she helps, their transformations mentally and physically, and how they feel. Her mission is to make women feel extraordinary. In fact, she states:

“The credit that I get is seeing other women thrive, succeed and come together. I don’t need an award or someone to say “Oh my, God, you’re the best businesswoman in the world!” When I read another woman’s story – that for me is enough.”

She’s modest, humble, yet confident in her duty. What a woman!

Krissy Cela: Boyfriend to Business Partner

Whilst training hard at the gym, she met her former partner, Jack Bullimore. During the course of their 5-year relationship, Krissy was on a mission to build something big. Sat in her car one day, Krissy was overcome with intense emotion. She wrote in her BlackBerry: “I’m gonna be someone one day.”

This belief, this sense of purpose and longing, drove her to do something unexpected. Together, Krissy and Jack co-founded EvolveYou in 2019.

Instead of hopping on an already-built platform, Krissy and Jack developed their own app. It was specifically designed for Women’s Fitness, to correct all the damage from diet culture and give real advice. This app was downloaded by over half a million people across 120 countries worldwide.

The best part? They grew almost completely organically, with very little investment into marketing. That’s how you create something people want and need without greed.

What Happened to Krissy’s App?

Every success story needs a little bit of drama, right? Well, in Krissy’s case, some sneaky developers tried to steal their work which resulted in a lawsuit. But not only that, they then transitioned the new tech for rebranding, only for the servers to completely crash.

EvolveYou lost 10,000 subscribers in 24 hours. Krissy’s biggest fear came to light; she worried about how she’d pay her employees, bills and keep her community happy. The app was down for 3 days, and this almost shattered her spirit.

Unfortunately, the stress of building an empire, living and breathing work took a toll on Krissy and Jack’s relationship, the pair then split up. (But don’t stress guys, Krissy Cela’s new boyfriend, Brett, has won over her heart. True love strikes again.)

Krissy Cela’s Clothing Brand

What we love about Krissy is that she never stops; she’s constantly onto the next idea. One of those ideas manifested into OnerActive, an active-wear brand which is sustainable and doesn’t follow any trends. It’s designed to make women feel powerful – after all, not all heroes wear capes.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Not anymore! Krissy’s mission statement for OnerActive is for activewear to become every woman’s best friend. Hence why she created 3 collections:

  1. Classic: materials that are reusable, kind to the skin and you can wear again and again.
  2. Timeless: never ages and can be worn regardless of the fashion season.
  3. Effortless: the gymfit that is trusted and loved.

If you’re in the market for OnerActive, be warned: the stock sells out fast.

“Do This For You”: Krissy Cela’s Book

Aside from being a busy bee in the office, Krissy somehow squeezed in time to write a book. Titled Do This For You: How To Be A Strong Woman from the Inside Out, Krissy’s book has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon and is rated 4.5 stars.

“What’s the book about?” you ask. How to build sustainable and healthy habits, change your relationship with food and exercise to see it not as a chore, but as a lifestyle. You won’t find any fad diets or silly “21-day challenges” here. (Hallelujah!)

This is not a toxic book about weight loss. Instead, Krissy shares her tips for success and teaches you how to become the best version of yourself. Now you too can learn how to create habits, consistency and discipline. She’s also recorded an audiobook if you want to hear the motivation and passion pushing you on. It’s well worth the investment.

Why is Krissy So Successful?

Krissy makes business look easy. Behind the scenes, it’s gruelling work, sleepless nights and sacrifices.

What’s the secret? People who underestimate her potential and vex her.

Krissy Cela embodies discipline, perseverance and consistent training. These are the habits that she’s built up, which have manifested into every single aspect of her life. For Krissy, giving up is not an option.

Krissy’s a go-getter that stops at nothing to get what she wants. Because her motives lie in genuinely helping people (especially women), she gets a kick out of their success. In turn, that makes her a success. The key is providing a service which will leave a legacy. And that’s exactly what Krissy created.

Although she is not a personal trainer, Krissy often showcases her form, and techniques and gives advice at the gym or during Oneractive events to her devoted followers and fans.

Who is Krissy Cela’s Boyfriend?

In May 2021, Krissy announced on her vlog that she’s in a happy relationship:

“Our careers couldn’t be more different to one another, but one thing we truly enjoy is the gym and training and staying active… we have so many similarities it’s unbelievable.” They live together with a gorgeous golden retriever called Buttons.

Krissy and Brett are a power couple, to say the least, both heavily inspired by health and fitness. In fact, Brett has a PhD in Chemistry and is now working in medicine, specifically, in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Who doesn’t love a happy ending!

What Will Krissy Do Next?

After doing some digging, we can see that Krissy has partnered with Steven Barlett on a new fitness and health venture called Three Sixty.

She’s also released another book (yeah, I know right!) called Happy Healthy Strong: The Secret to Staying Fit for Life featuring some tasty recipes and more unique workout advice.

How Krissy Cela Became One Of The World's Biggest Fitness Influencers - Gymfluencers (3)

There’s no end game. Krissy has two top secret goals, none of which are based on province or materialism. Although, maybe it involves a fairytale “Happily Ever After”…

Whatever Krissy does next, it won’t be short of success!

Before you go…

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How Krissy Cela Became One Of The World's Biggest Fitness Influencers - Gymfluencers (2024)


How did Krissy Cela become successful? ›

Despite being judged based on her appearance and social media following, Chrissy runs her businesses with a team of 30 people, proving that looks can be deceiving. The unfair judgment she faces as a woman is draining, but she remains true to herself, which she believes is the key to her success.

Who is the biggest fitness influencer in the world? ›

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  • Lazar Angelov.

What does Krissy Cela do for a living? ›

Co-Founder & Lead Trainer @evolveyou. Co-Founder & Creative Director @oneractive. Global Creative Director @promix.

Does Krissy Cela have a degree? ›

Whilst studying for her degree in law, Krissy trained at the gym to stay focused, motivated and build healthy habits for a strong body and mind.

Is Krissy Cela a certified trainer? ›

Qualifications. Krissy is a Level 3 certified personal trainer and has been training for over 10 years since leaving school.

Does Krissy Cela do cardio? ›

Krissy Cela's Strength and Cardio Workout Will Tone & Sculpt Your Whole Body At Home.

Who is the No 1 fitness trainer in the world? ›

Australian personal trainer and author, Kayla Itsines, is up first on our list of the best personal trainers in the world and with such a huge level of success in the industry she is often regarded as the world's number one personal trainer.

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Who is the CEO of evolve you? ›

OUR STORY. EvolveYou was co-founded in 2019 by personal trainer Krissy Cela and fitness entrepreneur Jack Bullimore, with a dream of creating a global fitness community that would help women build strength and confidence from the inside out.

What does cela do? ›

The Centre for Equitable Library Access, CELA, is a national not-for-profit organization that provides accessible reading services to the approximately 3 million people across Canada with print disabilities.

Who is the CEO of Evolve You? ›

OUR STORY. EvolveYou was co-founded in 2019 by personal trainer Krissy Cela and fitness entrepreneur Jack Bullimore, with a dream of creating a global fitness community that would help women build strength and confidence from the inside out.

Who is the founder of one active? ›

Founded in 2020 by female co-founder, entrepreneur, and strength training coach Krissy Cela, Oner Active is a brand rooted in resilience and determination.

When was Krissy Cela born? ›

October 7, 2024

Krissy Cela is an Albanian personal trainer and Instagram star born on October 7, 1994.

How old was Pamela Reif when she started working out? ›

We both danced on lots of championships, although Sina has always been much more talented than me (in my opinion) 😂 when I turned 16, I swapped dancing for a gym membership, while Sina continued her dancing & performance career ♥️♥️ Karlsruheeeee.

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